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theLAB is a state of the art recording studio and audio production facility in Los Angeles, California known for its vibrant sound and versatility. With just one step into theLAB Studio, the essence of diverse and eclectic influences become obvious. Whether it's 'Abbey', the studio's 1930's grand piano, or the studio's stark ambiance of postmodern appeal; it's easy to derive the inspiration and definitive tastes of theLAB. This same passion and attention to aesthetic is brought to the entire slate of artists produced here.

Connoisseurs of vintage recording equipment know that no two units of the same make and model sound exactly alike. Tubes, capacitors, and other components (not to mention natural aging) give each piece its own personality. Whether it's the studio's modded 70's vintage Trident console, or stacks of outboard gear, vintage amplifiers and circuit bent keyboards; the unique blend of hand selected vintage equipment, combined with the latest modern technological tools, gives theLAB an unsurpassed sound that is quintessentially its own.

CLICK HERE to visit theLAB's website.

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