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When he's not producing or collaborating with other artists around the world, Frankie Siragusa is showcasing himself as a "jack of all trades" solo artist. Since he first picked up a pair of drum sticks at the age of 3, Siragusa began shaping his musicality. With guitar and bass following shortly thereafter as his next primary instruments at age 5, an early development of songwriting and arranging began to surface. Siragusa decided to take things further and begin his quest into the world of multi-track recording with the purchase of a 4-track tape machine at the age of 13.

Following his teenage years, and upon graduating from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2003, Siragusa began working as an assistant engineer in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Through his experience of engineering and playing in various local bands, the need to start his own recording facility and jump into the role of record producer was eminent. In 2008 Frankie Siragusa opened theLAB Studios and began producing various projects.

Siragusa would experiment in his off-time with solo material and by fall of 2010 had roughly 30 completed tracks. From this collection, 12 tracks were selected for his aesthetically and emotionally diverse self-titled solo record. The album highlights all of Siragusa's multi-instrumental work, songwriting craftsmanship, and production style that is as true to it's influences as it is unique. Sessions for a sophomore release began winter of 2018 and was released in June 2019. Siragusa would also go on to release a record to critical acclaim containing covers of unreleased Beatle songs in 2020. 

CLICK HERE to stream Frankie Siragusa's releases on Spotify.

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